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Breville Die-Cast Model 800ESXL Automatic Espresso Machine



Espresso is my latest obsession.  Ever since we purchased this machine I have been permanently buzzed on caffeine.  Its ease and simplicity makes espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes new essentials to my diet which may or may not be affecting my mind.  RIght now I’m currently using espresso beans from Daybreak Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop.



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An Ode to Old Bay

I love Baltimore and I love the Orioles and I love crabs.  Somehow I’m trapped in Connecticut.  If I ever need a glimpse of happiness I simply sniff some McCormick & Company Old Bay….try it, it works.  Now I acknowledge that that particular statement might in fact be the weirdest thing I have ever said but I seriously I’m obsessed with Old Bay, let alone its connection to Baltimore.   Old Bay is made up mainly of celery salt, red pepper and paprika although the bulk of the recipe and its components is kept under wraps.  It is AMAZING on seafood…and basically everything else. Put it in a Bloody Mary, on corn on the cob, on chicken, in deviled eggs. The options are endless and the substance never disappoints.  Old Bay’s website recommends you keep one in your purse or fanny pack to battle bland food on-the-go.  I might have to don a fanny pack just to show my appreciation.

Fun Fact: Old Bay was originally called “Delicious Brand Shrimp and Crab Seasoning.” That’s kinda funny…


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Anthropologie Apron

Attention all! Suzy Homemaker is not dead.  It is still acceptable to look cute in the kitchen!  I love these Anthropologie aprons and potholders.  The aprons come in many different styles and patterns and are visually stunning.  Fashion in the kitchen is just as important as it is on the street.  Ok I better stop, feminists are going to hunt me down.  But seriously, these aprons make excellent gifts for yourself or for others.  They even have sizes for kids!



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Williams Sonoma Rösle Garlic Press

My mom jokes that this garlic press will be passed down throughout the family.  I bought it for her a few Christmases back and she/I haven’t put it down since.  Garlic is a staple for any meal but chopping it and crushing it can be a pain.  This Rösle garlic press crushes whole unpeeled garlic cloves allowing your hands to stay clean.

Wiliams Sonoma Garlic Press Rösle

Wiliams Sonoma Garlic Press Rösle

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