Publix Sub

Publix Sub

You say sub, I say grinder, some say hoagie. Whatever you call it, Publix Supermarket has mastered the art of the coveted sandwich. I was reminiscing through my old photos and stumbled upon this gem that made my stomach growl yearning for the supermarket deli. Seriously Publix, it’s not fair that you don’t share your store here in lonely Connecticut. Pshhh..Florida gets everything.
Why can’t I be on the beach stuffing myself with this sandwich!!

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4 thoughts on “Publix Sub

  1. lafleurdesel says:

    I used to live in Florida, and I Publix so much!

  2. jenf542003 says:

    I also used to live in Florida and miss their sandwiches so much! However, I visit about once a year and am able to get my fix : )

  3. I say sub. Never heard someone call it a grinder or a hoagie. Though we’re starting to get Po’ boys around here way, way down in New Zealand 🙂

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