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Pickled Red Onions

Super easy, super quick, super tasty.  These are perfect for sandwiches, salads, and can be made ahead.  An unusual, yet delicious condiment.  Plus check out that color!

Pickled Red Onions


1 sliced red onion

3/4 cup red wine vinegar

3 cloves of garlic

1 bay leaf

2 tbs sugar

Place onion slices in medium bowl. Bring vinegar, garlic, bay leaf, and sugar to boil in heavy medium saucepan; pour over onions in bowl. Cover and cool to room temperature. Chill overnight.  Drain before serving.

Pickled Red Onions

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Tortellini With Mushrooms and Prosciutto

Everyone has their birthday meal.  This was mine and I’m now sharing it with you. 



2 – 9 ounces packages cheese tortellini

3 tbs olive oil

1 large onion chopped

6 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto

2 tablespoons minced garlic

1 tsp crushed red pepper (more if your into that like me)

1 tsp black pepper

1 cup dry white wine

2 cups sliced mushrooms

2 cups red bell pepper

1 cup chopped green onions

1 cup fresh or frozen peas

1 1/2 cups whipping cream

1/2 cup fresh parsley

1/2 cup chopped fresh basil

1 cup freshly grated parmesan


Cook tortellini in a large pot of boiling salted water.  Heat oil in heavy large saucepan over high heat.  Add onions, prosciutto, garlic, dried red pepper and black pepper.  Saute until onions are golden brown.  Add wine and bring the mixture to a boil.  Add mushrooms, bell pepper, green onions and peas and simmer until the liquid evaporates.  Add cream and boil until the sauce begins to thicken, roughly five minutes.  Add the tortellini to the mixture with parsley, basil, and parmesan. 


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Patatas Bravas

photo (2)

When I went to Barcelona I was really frustrated.  Here I was exploring new food and cultures yet forced to travel with a biddie clan of girls who were disgusted by anything that didn’t resemble a meal from Chilis.  That eventually led to them consuming a steady diet of croquettes and patatas bravas.  I scoffed at them.  How could you pass up on these traditional Mediterranean delicacies?  Well, I learned the reason behind their infatuation when a bid offered me a bite of her patatas bravas.  Ummm what? Why are these amazing? Ugh lesson learned.  Don’t be mean to the biddies because one day you will be writing a blog post about their amazing food choices.

Patatas Bravas 


2 pounds potatoes ( I used Yukon) cut into 1- 1/2 inch chunks

2 tbs olive oil


Preheat the oven to 375.  Toss the potatoes in olive oil and salt and pepper and roast for 50 minutes on a baking sheet.

Tomato Sauce

3 tbs olive oil

salt and pepper

1 can chopped tomatoes

1 can diced tomatoes

1 tsp smoked paprika

1 yellow onion diced

1/2 cup white wine

3 garlic cloves minced


Heat olive oil in a pan and cook garlic and onions until translucent and fragrant.  Add tomatoes and diced tomatoes, paprika, and salt and pepper.  Add wine and cook for 10 minutes until reduced.  Set aside.

Garlic Aioli

5 cloves garlic

1/2 cup mayonnaise

Juice of one lemon

salt and pepper 


Mince garlic and combine all ingredients together.

Arrange potatoes on a dish and top with tomato sauce then garlic aioli.

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Eggs in Tomato Sauce for 1



Sometimes I pretend to eat healthy.  Sometimes I pretend I am Spanish.  The latter involves me attempting to make Huevos Rancheros when I have less than half of the required ingredients. These two games I play lead me to poaching some eggs in tomato sauce, adding some spice, and calling it a day.  Surprisingly this always turns out amazing.


1 can crushed tomatoes

1 can diced tomatoes

1 clove garlic

1 jalapeno (sliced and seeded)

1 slice of crusty bread

1 red bell pepper

1/2 white onion

1 tbs olive oil

1/2 cup grated Monterrey Jack cheese (Note: Cheese was not included in the picture. I did say I was trying to be healthy…)


In a large pan saute garlic and onion in 1 tbs of olive oil.  Add jalapenos, and red pepper, and cook until tender.  Add both the crushed tomatoes, and diced tomatoes and bring mixture to a boil. Season with salt and pepper. Reduce heat to a simmer and continue cooking for ten minutes.  Gently, I mean real gently, crack two eggs into the sauce. Cover the pan and cook for five minutes.  If I find the eggs to be cooking slowly I like to spoon tomato sauce over the tops of the eggs. Transfer the eggs to a bowl and top with cheese.  Enjoy with a slice of bread.


I dare you to eat this for breakfast.

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