Breakfast at Trident Cafe — Boston, MA

Last semester I had Mondays off.  No work, no classes, just a much needed weekend extension.  I spent these days usually cramming in more schoolwork or finishing up a paper however, these Mondays always began at the same place.  Trident Booksellers and Cafe on Newbury Street in Boston.  As I sit here and write this graduated and a real person I long for those mornings RIP.  Trident Cafe was a staple in my four years of college in Boston.  The half bookstore half cafe brings in large crowds in the morning which eventually die down in the late afternoon.  The menu is eclectic featuring breakfast and lunch items.  I do believe they even started serving dinner.  But the thing I love most about this hidden Boston destination is the ability to sit alone.  The restaurant/ bookstore atmosphere allows for both large groups dining and quiet workers sipping on coffee enjoying the scene. 

BREAKFAST SKILLET Scrambled eggs sautéed with apple-sausage & mushrooms, topped with Asiago, served with toast


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4 thoughts on “Breakfast at Trident Cafe — Boston, MA

  1. pmitsuing says:

    that looks delicious

  2. Ngan R. says:

    I never went there but it looks good!

  3. Carolina says:

    Looks like a great breakfast!!

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