Culinary Adventures in Paris

A year ago  I left for a weekend trip to Paris while studying abroad in London.  It was there that my life changed and I became addicted to food.  Literally, my entire stay was dictated by eating.  Discovering delectable food was my new hobby.  I fell in love on the small cobbled streets of St. Germain.  I attempted to make a reservation and was told to come at 10pm.  “10 pm??” I shouted in an obnoxious american accent. “Will anyone even be here?” – “Ladies,” the 75 year old parisian native responded.  “It is Saturday night in Paris.”  I felt like I was in a movie.  We arrived at the crowded bistro at 10pm and there it was. It was Boeuf Bourguignon and this picture does it absolutely no justice.  It was dark and I had a few glasses of red wine when I tried to document this moment..bear with me.


I should note that this restaurant captured my heart when they fed me cured meats as I waited outside to get in at 10pm.  Always a good move.


From then on I wined and dined in Paris.  I’m not being subtle about the wine either.  Give a little wink at the waiter and you could get a real glass of wine like this.

562287_1662129868149_1016440796_nOh and don’t forget a crepe!  Banana Nutella to be exact!


And a cappuccino!


And that my friends is how we take on a weekend in Paris…with a spoon of course!!


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