Nutella Toasted Marshmallow Cookies

Nutella Marshmallow Cookies

I can’t bake.  I never could really… I mean let’s be real here, baking soda vs baking powder?  How can something so similar be so, I mean so, different.   I’m really a no measurement kinda gal which often times leads to trouble in the baking world.  My main issue is the expansion that miraculously occurs in the oven.  I swear I uniformly spoon tiny little dough balls onto the cookie sheet and BAM, ten minutes in the oven and they are a foot in diameter (ie my most recent creation).

ImageCome on here! What are those things? More importantly, why are they green?  Just kidding on the greenness, they were my attempt at key lime cookies.

So I set off to finally create a good cookie, nothing fancy, accurate sizing, no awkward expanding.  Simple right?  I measured my ingredients, I made sure I was using baking powder not soda, I folded my ingredients into the batter, and I made tiny little dough balls in order to avoid gigantic monster cookies.  I vowed to make nutella chocolate chip cookies with a toasted marshmallow.  I know the marshmallow is ambitious but I couldn’t resist!

Imageps. when baking make sure to incorporate the help of your cat…

soo…..I know the plopping a marshmallow on top of your cookie may knock ya down on presentation but look, they appear to be of normal human size! And.. most importantly, they tasted yummy!


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