Hand Rolled Maccarones de Busa

If you haven’t seen Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode featuring Sardinia, stop what you are doing and watch it.  You will have a strange desire to put a hold on your life and become an italian grandma, or drop what you are doing on a Saturday night and make some hand rolled pasta.  Either option you choose, you’re in for an experience.   Bourdain’s episode features his wife Ottavia’s mother hand rolling pasta into what the local Sardinians call Maccarones de Busa.   This pasta is unique in its creation. Each piece is hand rolled usually using a coat hanger or even knitting needles.  

Begin with five cups of flour molded into a well.  Crack four eggs into the hole.  Now, dig your hands into the center of the eggs and mix them up manually.  Note, this will be very strange and somewhat pleasurable (playing with your food is fun).  Slowly begin to mix in the flour to the egg creating a ball. 



Next recruit someone strong to pound the shit out of your dough.  Excuse my language, but my brother deserves some serious credit for manhandling this dough.  Continue until you reach an elastic smooth ball of dough.  



Look at him go wooooo!ImageImage


Now that that is done you need a break so keep the dough covered under a cloth for roughly an hour and go pour yourself a glass of wine, you deserve it.


Now its time to begin rolling.  Carefully cut small inch long slices of the dough.  Roll these slices between your hands and place the roll onto your skewer. ( Now would be a great time for me to put up a picture right? Unfortunately it slipped my mind).  Here is what your pasta should begin to look like. 


Once you have reached your desired amount, boil the pasta for no more than 2 minutes.  Top it off with your favorite homemade sauce and enjoy 🙂 


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