Mei Mei Street Kitchen

100% local ingredients means 100% guilt free dinner….right?

To my surprise this late afternoon, Mei Mei Food Truck was parked literally across the street from my apartment.  I eyed it on my way to class; I smelled its sweet scent on my way back. It was calling me.  I have been hoping to stumble upon this truck ever since I began this journey.image

Mei Mei cooks up creative dishes with local and sustainable ingredients and was even named Boston Magazine’s Best Meal on Wheels.


I decided on the famous homemade beef dumplings and the side of Kimchi.


Holy mother of Mei Mei can I please have maybe 7 more of these!! These bad boys are loaded with meat which is a rarity when one is dealing with dumplings. I doubt this will be my last interaction with Mei Mei. In fact, I’ll probably attempt to tie a skateboard to their truck and just follow them wherever they go.

PS. Their staff is so fun.  They gave me free cake (see here) and then proceeded to tell me it has beer in it. I think I’m in love…

I recommend a visit to for locations and menus!!

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