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Pho Viet — Super 88

Flash back roughly three months ago and I was in my packed dorm room laying on my naked blue mattress. I had spent the past four years of my life residing in Allston, a  borough of Boston consisting of mostly college students. With my bags packed and exams completed, I knew I had one more culinary adventure.  Every day I would walk past Super 88, an Asian food court, on my way to class.  It’s smell would entice me, but its appearance….let’s just say it was sub par.  I was afraid of it but its smell was so delectable and delicious I couldn’t not ignore its steamy glass doors.  I yearned to know what went on behind those windows covered in condensation.  Last day of college: Super 88….check. 


I ordered Bun Bo Hue (I think) which is like a spicy beef noodle soup. 




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The Taco Truck — Boston Public Library

First Lesson:  When ordering from a Taco Truck, always order three not two.  Rookie mistake.  I’ve never really been one to skimp on food.  I’m usually dabbing up the last morsels with my index finger. Sometimes I casually dip my solo chop stick in the soy sauce dish at sushi restaurants. I should probably stop doing that, it could be offensive. I don’t know what came over me when I ordered two tacos rather than the obvious choice of three. For now, I blame it on the rain.  I’m not going to lie and say I’m a Mexican food expert. (Let’s be real…I am a white girl from Connecticut).  The employees probably caught on to me  with my fabulous pronunciation of Pollo Asado (POLE-OH—A SAY DOH).

On to the taco…

Pollo Asado

Three things drew me into this truck.

1. The line of approximately 11 people…gotta be good.

2. The fact that I crave salsa at all times of my life.

3. A sticker comes free with your order.

Each included guajillo marinated grilled chicken with lime-pickled onions and roasted salsa. Yeah I don’t know what guagillo means but I’m into it. Guacamole is always a necessity, so I sprung for the 75 cent extra garnish. The roasted salsa was filled with cilantro (like it should be) and the lime was crucial for that needed refreshing kick. The pickled onions topped the taco, eventually mixing in with the salsa to create a tangy yet sweet combination. I finished these bad boys in approximately two minutes and managed to to have guacamole on my hands, face, jeans etc. (Note: napkins next time).

With my belly filled with taco and my head racing with thoughts of that third, I sadly left the scene green-gauc handed.  Till next time Taco Truck….

Visit and find out when it’s closest to you!

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Grillo’s Pickles — Sowa Open Market

When you bite into one, you can hear it.

Two pickles, one dollar.

One hot and spicy, one classic, both drenched in brine dill. Unbelievably fresh, crunchy, and crisp.

Grillo’s Pickles are made with local, natural ingredients and infused with the traditions and the love of the Grillo family.

If this truck could be parked outside of my home, or better yet inside my living room, I would be one happy camper.  From now on, the two jars I purchased will have to suffice.

Check out for locations and availability.

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Mei Mei Street Kitchen

100% local ingredients means 100% guilt free dinner….right?

To my surprise this late afternoon, Mei Mei Food Truck was parked literally across the street from my apartment.  I eyed it on my way to class; I smelled its sweet scent on my way back. It was calling me.  I have been hoping to stumble upon this truck ever since I began this journey.image

Mei Mei cooks up creative dishes with local and sustainable ingredients and was even named Boston Magazine’s Best Meal on Wheels.


I decided on the famous homemade beef dumplings and the side of Kimchi.


Holy mother of Mei Mei can I please have maybe 7 more of these!! These bad boys are loaded with meat which is a rarity when one is dealing with dumplings. I doubt this will be my last interaction with Mei Mei. In fact, I’ll probably attempt to tie a skateboard to their truck and just follow them wherever they go.

PS. Their staff is so fun.  They gave me free cake (see here) and then proceeded to tell me it has beer in it. I think I’m in love…

I recommend a visit to for locations and menus!!

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